no one really ever wins in a heartbreak warfare


an engineer wannabe who :
- always forgives but never forgets
- climbs towers without safety equipments for fun
- wants to be a flower among the thorns no matter how difficult it could be
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I just can’t pass like this 


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Its such a sad thing when a person makes you feel like you are special and then afterwards you realize that you are not that special at all. You are just like everbody else.

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Amateur Radio Club 2012 Christmas Party 

~ Forever the happiest christmas party every year!!!

All photos (c) Joyce Escudero and Gerard Thedore Alcuizar

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University of San Carlos Electronics Eng’g Batch 2013 Retreat

~ Always a good time and an opportunity to create the best college memories with these people

All photos (c) Ferfil Tampon and Gerard Thedore Alcuizar

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Loving him was red

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Hahahaha pwede tumuok tim kagwapo hahahahahaha paburu black and white pa

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the circles we have drawn and lived in

Why am I always stuck on this area of the circle? Why are we on the same side? Why  do we stay on different circles?

Why? Is God punishing me for all the things I’ve thought and done? 

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I feel like you’re my karma.

It’s like highschool all over again and now I’m the one who never really got to move on.

Now I’m the one left behind.

Why do you keep on pushing me away?

Why do you think I’m not enough?


And why I am I like this

Where is my pride

Where is my self-preservation 

Where is my facade

Why did you burn it down

And since when did people have to deserve each other to be together? Aren’t we all undeserving of the things we have because in our own ways we are sinful? 

It’s like I’m seeing myself in you and I don’t like what i see

So cold and always on guard.


Ah this constant mental battles so friggin tiring. Always thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking!!!

Can i just wake up and all let these worries be gone…

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What we did at the Analog Lab last saturday hahaha

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Some people ought to hit their heads with a rock

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